Community Change

We develop environmental strategies to strengthen our community's ability to support youth.   


As of Fall 2020, our plans include:

  • ALCOHOL: Addressing underage alcohol consumption at home through raising the visibility of the Social Host Law & collaborating with alcohol retailers on campaigns such as #mentionprevention and Liquor Stickers.  

  • MARIJUANA: Increasing awareness of the risks of today's marijuana among youth and parents through education, including work with elected officials.

  • VAPING: Addressing access to vaping by targeting chain stores to stop selling and providing vaping prevention & cessation resources to youth, parents & schools.

  • ACCESS TO ALCOHOL & RX DRUGS: Raising families' awareness about locking up their liquor and medicine cabinets and safe disposal of unused medication, including distributing locks, Deterra bags, and Narcan. 

  • MENTAL HEALTH: Supporting social-emotional wellbeing and mental health initiatives through community education, support options such as our Norwalk SMART Recovery teen group and, curriculum for health teachers, and collaborations with community partners.

  • SUICIDE: Providing suicide prevention education & awareness and co-leading Norwalk's suicide postvention response planning workgroup.

  • PARENT/YOUTH EDUCATION: We will be convening community partners to organize Norwalk's first Freshman Forum, a joint parent-teen awareness program.