Youth Organization 1

Partners with Youth-Serving Groups

We collaborate with many groups that serve Norwalk's youth. There's always room for more!



We have special partnerships with Norwalk ACTS and Norwalk Public Schools, collaborating on Social-Emotional Learning, conducting our youth survey, and disseminating the results.  

We welcome representation from all youth-serving groups in Norwalk--faith ministers, scout leaders, sports coaches, enrichment program directors, etc.--to collaborate with us. We are stronger together! 

We can support your work through: 

  • sharing our data 

  • providing presentations or trainings

  • helping share your programs and events

  • amplifying your social media 

  • giving your youth a place to participate in prevention work 

You can support our work through:

  • following us on social media (Facebook & Instagram)

  • subscribing to get our blog posts and resharing our information & resources 

  • joining our coalition meetings to share your insights and help develop plans

  • sharing your program & event information 

See current member organizations here