Young people in Norwalk live in a very diverse city that offers opportunities along with its challenges. In 2018, surveys in the middle and high schools and at Norwalk Community College identified the positive and negative factors facing our teens and young adults. The top challenges, which include use of alcohol and marijuana, vaping, depression and suicidality, and cultural disparities, are identified below. In 2020-21 we will be conducting new surveys of students and parents to see the impact of recent immigration, the racial justice movement, and COVID and to inform our local strategies.


Substance Use in Norwalk

Recording from TNP's 1/19/22 presentation to parents (16 minutes) - presenter: Donna Fletcher, Child & Family Guidance

Substance use.png


Underage drinking is more common in Norwalk than in the state or nationally.


The New Marijuana

Today's marijuana is not safe for teens. (Not to mention illegal!)

Vaping & Nicotine

Big Tobacco is getting a new generation hooked.


Opioids & Other Drugs

Whether it's a pain med, an ADHD drug, or a street drug, there are risks. Some you don't even know about.

Mental Health

Many kids in Norwalk were struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and suicidality... even before COVID. 

Group Bonding

Cultural Disparities

Our LGBTQ students, students of color, girls, students with IEPs, English language learners, and those experiencing financial strain are at highest risk.