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Big Tobacco is getting a new generation hooked.

No Vape November

Take a look at these posters created by Norwalk high school students to spread awareness about the many dangers of vaping.

Video: What Norwalk Parents Should Know about Vaping (17 min.)

Before COVID, vaping had become very popular among teens and young adults, with close to 1 in 3 young people vaping. In 2019, when EVALI lung disease from vaping sent young people to the hospital, the legal age for vaping was changed to 21. During COVID, vaping decreased further. Our 2021 Norwalk Youth Survey found that 8% of Norwalk HS students and 4% of Norwalk MS students were vaping--less than the 2021 national average, which is good news. However, there are kids who are addicted to vaping and kids who refuse to use bathrooms all day at school because they don't want to be exposed to other people's smoke. Talk to your kids!

Documenting the Process of Quitting Vaping

Did you get our vaping postcard?

Click the image to download both sides of the card.

Vape_dab front.jpg
Vape_dab back.jpg

Vaping vs Dabbing: What's the difference?

Click image to download & check out our marijuana page for more information

vaping vs dabbing.png

Update on Youth Vaping in 2020

1 minute PSA by CT prevention coalitions


"What You Need to Know About Vaping:" Facts & conversation guide for parents.

Government website summarizing the latest research and providing resources.

"The Menthol Issue: We fight against the marketing and sale of deadly tobacco products to African Americans." Info and factsheets on menthol and cigarrillos.

Parents Against Vaping E-cigarettes (PAVe) offers webinars, video & print materials, and advocacy.

Downloadable resources (infographics, videos, slideshows, etc.) and lists of curricula for vaping prevention, cessation and alternatives to suspension.

"Inspiring lives free from smoking, vaping and nicotine." Videos, factsheets, and more

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