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Training Resources

TNP can provide or coordinate community education around mental wellness & substance use, including current youth trends. See topics below and contact us for more info. See also The Hub's regional event calendar for other trainings.


Courses for the General Public

National / state curricula

Mental Health First Aid

Teaches how to recognize & respond to a mental health crisis. The virtual class involves 2 hours of individual online work followed by a 4 1/2-hour session online. Certification good for 3 years. Multiple modules exist, including Youth, Adult, First Responders, Spanish. During COVID not all modules may be available online.

Suicide Prevention

Question-Persuade-Refer (QPR) is a 1.5 hour skills training including videos and role play that can be offered for up to 30 people, in English or Spanish. Talk Saves Lives (TSL) is a 45 minute awareness presentation that can be provided to large audiences. QPR can be combined with opioids training in one 2-hour session.

Opioids & Narcan  

45 minute training about the opioid crisis including its connection to suicide, and how to administer Naloxone (Narcan) to reverse an overdose. Participants will receive a free Narcan kit. English or Spanish. Training can be combined with QPR suicide prevention in one 2-hour session.

Hidden in Plain SIght

Identify signs that a teen may be using drugs, explore a teen's bedroom to see where drugs may be hiding, and learn what to do next. 1-1 1/2 hours.


Special Programs

Speakers or presentations on these topics can be coordinated upon request

Norwalk Youth: Survey Results  

Slideshow presentation of the results of our June 2021 survey of 7th through 12th graders


Slideshow presentation including updated resources. See also The Hub's list of curricula for vaping prevention, vaping cessation, and alternatives to suspension.  

The New Marijuana

Presentation combatting misinformation about marijuana and presenting the latest research into health effects.

Coping When Things Get Tough

A peer-led workshop for teens or young adults about how to recognize unhealthy stress and practice grounding and coping skills. Developed by young adults from TurningPointCT.org

Sensory Cafe / Chill-Out Lounge

Interactive experience for youth where small groups cycle through different stations for different sensory experiences & to process what helps them relax

Anxiety in Youth & Young Adults

Panel including a clinician and a person with lived experience

Ending the Silence

A presentation by NAMI featuring a young person with lived experience and a parent, aiming to break the stigma around mental illness

In Our Own Voice

A presentation by NAMI featuring two speakers accompanied by videos to share diverse personal experiences with mental illness

Personal Recovery Story 

Young adults in recovery from TurningPointCT.org share their mental health or addiction journey

More Trainings


Virtual trainings for the Norwalk Community offered since our launch in September 2020

  • Suicide Awareness for PACT Peer Supporters at Nuvance Health (2 trainings in September)

  • Opioid education & Narcan administration for NPS nurses (September)

  • Mental Health First Aid (4 trainings in October & November 2020 and May 2021)

  • Question-Persuade-Refer suicide prevention training in English (5 times) and Spanish (offered twice, canceled due to turnout) 

  • LGBTQ 101: Identities & Allyship (November)

  • LGBTQ 201: Substance Use in the LGBTQ Community (November)

  • MADD Power of Parents workshop (2 presentations in February)

  • "If They Had Known" film + discussion about the risks of college student party culture