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Today's Marijuana

Today's marijuana is not safe (or legal) for teens and young adults under age 21. The super high THC levels are associated with IQ loss, increased anxiety, psychosis, and emergency room visits. The brain is still maturing until age 25, and marijuana can hurt its development. Learn more below! Email to join our monthly Marijuana Committee. 

Cannabis: What You Need to Know

Our factsheets below are on display at Fine Fettle, Norwalk's first cannabis retail store, and have been disseminated throughout the county by the Fairfield County Medical Association. Click images to download.

Young People in Nightclub

What is the "new" marijuana?

FAQ: The New Marijuana


Marijuana today has been bred to be much stronger than in the past.  Adults who may have used it when they were in school were using a much weaker drug!

  • The amount of THC--the ingredient that gets you high--tripled from the 1970s to the 1990s and tripled again between 1995 (4%) and 2014 (12%). In CT, marijuana plant products are legally sold at up to 30% THC.

  • Plus, today's marijuana is commonly vaped or used in concentrated form (dabs, wax, shatter), which can have up to 96% THC.

  • THC levels over 10% can produce anxiety, agitation, and even psychosis. In CT, concentrates can be sold up to 60%.

It’s not the original plant any more. 

TNP's Top 10 Facts

Jordan's Recovery Story

Fairfield County native Jordan, a college student, shares how he started using marijuana in his teen years and why he sought recovery.

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