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Wellness Bulletin for Norwalk Parents

Our Wellness Bulletins are published monthly as blog posts and are included as links in the Superintendent's monthly newsletter. Each issue includes information, strategies and tips for parents, resource lists, and upcoming events.


Youth Survey, Free Teen Groups & resources for back to school

Vol. 2, Issue 1

Sporty Teens

Summer Supplement: Youth Camps & Programs

Summer 2022

Pride Parade

LGBTQ+ & why it matters; Teen opportunities

June 2022

Team Meeting

Free trainings & events for Mental Health Month; National Prevention Week

May 2022

Beer Glass

Alcohol; Autism Awareness

April 2022

Image by Alex Haney

Impact of Nutrition & Sleep on Mental Health; conversation goals with kids

March 2022

Happy Family

Healthy Conflicts; Marijuana

February 2022

Happy Team Posing

Resilience; Internet Safety

January 2022

Image by Julia Nastogadka

Alcohol; Vaping vs Dabbing

December 2021

Young Man in Therapy

Mental Health issue

November 2021

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