Who Is the Coalition?

Find out who we are--and get involved!


Coalition Leadership Team


Diamond Sead (Role at TNP: Manager of state grant focused on vaping)

Coordinator, School-Based Health Center, Human Services Council

Diamond coordinates the state's Local Prevention Council grant to The Norwalk Partnership on behalf of the Human Services Council (HSC), which is one of TNP's fiduciary organizations. Diamond also is the coordinator of the Dr. Robert E. Appleby School-Based Health Center in the Norwalk Public School systems, and co-facilitates the Norwalk SMART Recovery teen group. Diamond's background is in human development and family studies. She is the proud parent of two Brookside students as well as a graduate of BMHS.

Coalition Members

Prevention coalitions operate by bringing 12 key stakeholder groups, aka "sectors," together, as shown in the graph.

12 sectors of prevention graphic.jpg

We work hard to make sure all 12 sectors are actively involved in our coalition. Current participants are listed below: 

  • YOUTH: Contact Rebecca to join our Norwalk Strong clubs at BMHS and NHS.

  • PARENTS:  We have a number of Norwalk parents in our coalition, some participating both as professionals and personally. We welcome more parents at all times!

  • NONPROFIT & VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATIONS: Positive Directions*, Human Services Council*, Norwalk ACTS, Community Action Agency of Western CT, Family and Children's Agency

  • FRATERNAL ORGANIZATIONS: Triangle Community Center

  • SCHOOLS: Norwalk Public Schools  
  • GOVERNMENT: Norwalk Community Services, Norwalk Youth Services Bureau, Norwalk Health Department

  • LAW ENFORCEMENT: Norwalk Police Department

  • YOUTH-SERVING ORGANIZATIONS: Child & Family Guidance, Kids in Crisis/Teen Talk, Mid-Fairfield Child Guidance Center, Youth Business Initiative (YBI)

  • HEALTHCARE: School-Based Health Centers, Norwalk Community Health Center, Catholic Charities of Fairfield County

  • SUBSTANCE USE ORGANIZATIONS: Courage to Speak Foundation, CT Counseling Centers, High Focus Centers
  • BUSINESSES: Chamber of Commerce

  • MEDIA: Katie Gallo (Daydream Communications)

We also prioritize involvement from all the cultures that represent Norwalk's full diversity. We have Spanish and Creole-speaking members available to work with our English Language Learners.

*Positive Directions - The Center for Prevention & Counseling and the Human Services Council are the fiduciaries for TNP. 


Join Us!

We are looking for caring, concerned community members to help create lasting change to promote healthy behaviors and prevent substance use among Norwalk youth & young adults.


Community Partners

We have special partnerships with Norwalk ACTS and Norwalk Public Schools, collaborating on Social-Emotional Health, conducting our youth survey, and disseminating the results.  

We welcome representation from all youth-serving groups in Norwalk--faith ministers, scout leaders, sports coaches, enrichment program directors, etc.--to collaborate with us. We are stronger together! 

We can support your work through: 

  • sharing our data 

  • providing presentations & trainings

  • helping share your programs and events

  • amplifying your social media 

  • giving your youth a place to participate in prevention work 

You can support our work through:

  • following us on social media (Facebook & Instagram)

  • subscribing to get our blog posts and resharing our information & resources 

  • joining our coalition meetings to share your insights and help develop plans

  • sharing your program & event information