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Parent Awareness

On this page, check out our video about teen mental health and substance misuse; get parenting strategies and resources from our monthly newsletter; see our Q&A about keeping kids substance free. We also have a FAQ and more info on our mental health page

How Are Norwalk Families Doing?

1/19/22 Presentation for Parents covering mental health, substance use, LGBTQ awareness, and local resources

Presentation by Cadence Penthany (TCC) covering LGBTQ issues for parents and families

Happy Family

What do I need to know about youth & substance use?

Parent Q&A

  1. The human brain is still developing until age 25. Alcohol or other drugs can cause IQ loss & damage the developing brain.

  2. For every year that a youth delays having their first drink or drug, they reduce their chance of developing an addiction by 14%. 

  3. Most Norwalk teens do not drink alcohol or use other drugs. But in 2018, underage drinking was higher in Norwalk compared to the state average.

  4. Kids who have depression or anxiety are more likely to drink and use other drugs.

  5. .Today's marijuana is engineered to be VERY strong. Kids often vape it from concentrates that are almost pure THC--which can cause psychosis.

  6. Vaping is more dangerous than cigarettes, and many teens are addicted. Big Tobacco is using our kids as a new market, since cigarette use has dropped.

  7. Counterfeit drugs that look like ADHD meds, Xanax, etc. can contain fentanyl! ONLY use drugs when prescribed to you from a pharmacy.

Wellness Bulletin for Norwalk Parents

Our Wellness Bulletins are published monthly as blog posts and are included as links in the Superintendent's monthly newsletter. Each issue includes information, strategies and tips for parents, resource lists, and upcoming events.

Family Activities, Games and More!

Play these games to explore what happens to the brain and body when drugs are used. You can also find more games here.

See Games

How Cancel Culture Impacts Teen Mental Health

"Cancel culture—the practice of withdrawing support from individuals or companies who have done or said something offensive—can be helpful in making social change... But when it comes to teenage cancel culture, the negative mental health effects outweigh the positives. Teens are still forming their identities and their beliefs, and they need to be able to learn from their mistakes rather than being punished."

Using Digital Tablet

A digital detox can be essential for maintaining good teen mental health. Try staying off screens for 24 hours with your family members, and make it fun! Read this article on how to get your teens to agree to a digital detox!

Trying a Digital Detox

The Effects of Social Media

Learn about the pros, cons, and mental health effects of social media. Not only is it impacting teen functioning, but adult health as well.

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