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April events & resources

The Norwalk Partnership, Norwalk ACTS, Cornerstone Church, the City of Norwalk and other partners have put together a lot of great presentations, resources and activities this month! Scroll through our April bulletin below for info for kids, teens, and families!

Just a few examples: camp signups, a community fair, a suicide prevention training, a drop-in online social event for teens, educational presentations about marijuana, COVID vaccine info, a SMART Recovery group for teens, and info for parents for Alcohol Awareness Month ... Speaking of which, watch our Power of Parents presentation on underage drinking and be sure to check out the alcohol resources on our website here!

To stay on top of info like this, please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @thenorwalkpartnership!

See you at TNP's monthly meeting on 4/28/21 from 2-3:30pm. Come hear what we learned from our community survey on stress and substance use during COVID! RSVP to for the link.

Note: The links aren't clickable in the images below, but you can get the links if you download the bulletin:

April Norwalk Events & Resources
Download PDF • 18.97MB


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