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Congratulations to the class of 2021--and to all NPS students, faculty and staff! You are HEROES for triumphing in a really tough year.

Students, teachers, staff and administrators: After getting through this past year and a half, you can get through anything. Your futures are bright--and they (re-)start now! So:

  • Please take the summer to relax and refresh. Be good to yourselves: do things that make you happy and that keep you healthy. If you've picked up bad habits, make this a time for a fresh start.

  • Be kind to those around you, more than ever, because we've all had a tough time and we all need a break.

  • Reflect on how your family, friends, teachers, and students have helped you. Thank them personally. No one does anything alone; we all lean on each other. Keep paying that support forward by reaching out actively to the people you see who are struggling.

  • And remember that when things get tough, there are always resources to help! Everything from free 24/7 hotlines to free peer supports, from social services to treatment programs. TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS, check out the short video and flyer below for free local supports and (NEW!) free 1:1 peer support.

Wise words from Alexandra Koletsos, NHS '21, distinguished class speaker at the NHS and PTECH graduation: "Remember that you only have to please two people in your life: your 8-year-old self, and your 80-year-old self."

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