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December newsletter: Alcohol, vaping vs dabbing, parent forum, resilience workshop

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The December issue of our Wellness Bulletin for Norwalk Parents is here! It's full of upcoming events for Norwalk families and resources around drinking for the holidays. Please share with your networks--we want all Norwalk adults to have this info!

One of the great resources for adults mentioned in the bulletin is the "Talk. They Hear You" app from SAMHSA. Watch this short video to learn more:

Since the holiday season is traditionally a time for social events involving alcohol, this month's issue focuses on providing information and resources around drinking. Please download our newsletter below (in English or Spanish) for articles on:

  • Alcohol Use in Norwalk

  • Alcohol Safety Tips for Parents

  • Socially Appropriate Drinking

  • TNP's Liquor Sticker Awareness Campaign

  • LGBTQ+ Youth and Alcohol Misuse/Addiction

  • Dabbing & Vaping: What's the Difference?

  • Resource of the Month: Norwalk Youth Services Bureau

  • Health Department News

  • ...along with our 3 online forums coming up in January to educate Norwalk community members (high school age through adult) about mental health, substance use, resilience, relationship building, and school climate. (RSVP here.)

Finally - be sure you're subscribed to @thenorwalkpartnership on Facebook and Instagram for our 15 day holiday countdown! Starting Friday, we will be posting a morning and an afternoon tip each day until New Year's, one on self-care and one on prevention. Be sure to reshare to your networks!

December 21 TNP Parent Newsletter FINAL (1)
Download PDF • 5.38MB
_SPANISH Dec 21 TNP Parent Newsletter FINALi
Download PDF • 18.31MB

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