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Free short film sheds light on mixing alcohol & drugs

Clay Soper was a 19-year-old college student whose friends sometimes mixed Xanax (a common prescription drug) with alcohol when partying. Little did they know that the combination would be fatal to Clay.

Clay's college and high school friends and family produced the 35-minute documentary "If They Had Known" to share what happened to Clay, with the hope of saving other people's lives. The graphic on the left shows their advice: 5 things they learned the hard way, which could perhaps have saved their friend's life.

We're making the film available for local families to livestream through June 30th. Just RSVP here and you will receive an email with the link and password.

It's worth taking a half-hour to watch the film (appropriate for older teens through adults). We think you'll find it eye-opening. We suggest using the film as a conversation starter, especially with college-aged adults like Clay & his friends.

If someone in your family takes an antidepressant, or a medication for anxiety or ADHD, or a blood thinner--all of which are very common--, it's important for all of you to realize what could happen when drinking.

For those who don't take prescription medication, drug interactions can also occur when mixing alcohol and marijuana. Most people don't know that the THC ingredient in marijuana interacts with 400 prescription drugs, and the CBD in marijuana interacts with more than 540 drugs!

So please use this opportunity to raise awareness in your own family. No one should mix substances. We should all take the warning labels on prescription drugs seriously. And remember Clay's friends' advice about how to protect a friend who is at risk.

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