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Free teen workshops on mood and anxiety!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Teens: How are your coping skills? Challenges with school, work, or relationships often come from difficulties managing anxiety and other emotions. Take an hour out of your summer to learn the emotional life-hacks for a healthier, stress-free school year! (And please share with anyone interested!)


The Norwalk Public Library, TNP, Norwalk ACTS, and High Focus Centers are pleased to be offering 2 FREE workshops this summer at the main library at 1 Belden Ave. Open for teens in grades 7-12, with free food provided. Registration required.

"How to Use Your Mind to Enhance Your Mood" - July 20th, 6PM

Did you know that the thoughts we think may influence our mood? Did you know that our thoughts and emotions may sometimes be just a habit? If we believe a depressing thought, it may make us depressed. Come and learn how our mind can affect our mood and how we can address it.

"12 Tips to Manage Anxiety" - Thursday, August 24th, 6PM

When faced with anxiety, what can one do before and during to help reduce and relieve anxiety and regain balance, calm, and clarity? Come learn about anxiety and what you can do to help prevent it and to manage it if it occurs. Everyone will come away with information, tools, and technique to help manage anxiety and help regain and restore balance and calm.


Download flyers:

Dr. Wendy Hurwitz July
Download PDF • 361KB
Dr. Wendy Hurwitz August
Download PDF • 429KB

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