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Liquor Stickers for Norwalk!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Next time you purchase alcohol, you may see The Norwalk Partnership's new, free Liquor Stickers next to the cash registers at participating package stores! The first partners to have signed on are Al's Warehouse, Banner Wines, BevMax, Harborview Wines, Ninety-9 Bottles, Old Post Spirit Shops (both addresses), Spring Hill Liquor, The Wine Basket, and Woodward Liquor, with more to come. We are grateful to the Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce for their help with this initiative and to all our partners, including Norwalk Health Dept & Norwalk Community Services!

Liquor Stickers allow you to seal and date any unfinished alcohol, to keep it out of the hands of children and teens. Our kids are home more than ever during the pandemic and feeling anxious, depressed or bored--a recipe for experimenting with substances at home. Lock Your Liquor (and your medicine cabinet!) and keep kids safe.

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