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Marijuana Sales in Norwalk: public hearing on moratorium

Tonight (Tuesday 2/15/22) at 7pm the Norwalk Ordinance Committee is holding a public hearing to determine whether the City should postpone sales of marijuana, as many other communities have done. Please consider sharing your views!

The postponement, known as a moratorium, would give the City 9 months to get public input, to determine where and when cannabis will be sold, and to consider regulations and zoning issues such as outlet density, traffic, parking, advertisement, etc.

Just yesterday, the CT Insider reported that 44% of CT communities have already either postponed or permanently banned marijuana sales, since there are so many factors to consider before opening up a completely new market. Without a moratorium, sales will be able to start in Norwalk in the near future without local regulations in place.

A moratorium would allow the City to consider the impact on the neighborhoods where retailers would set up and to study and plan for the likely increase in traffic, parking, and DUI issues from shoppers coming from surrounding towns that have already banned or postponed cannabis sales.

To testify at the meeting, you can send written comments to by 4pm, or you can join live on Zoom at, starting at 7pm, to be able to speak publicly for up to 3 minutes.

The agenda and Zoom link have been updated and are available at:

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