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Norwalk resources to manage your stress & support your family

COVID has had a tough impact on all of us. At this point, it's normal to be struggling. But help is here!

This week, The Norwalk Partnership presented the findings of our recent community survey. Here are a few key statistics:

  • Norwalkers reported that the area where COVID has had the worst impact is on their mental health – worse even than their financial and employment status.

  • Our survey included a screening tool (the PHQ4), which found that 62% of our survey respondents were experiencing psychological distress, including 29% having moderate to severe symptoms.

  • 40% of parents were concerned about their kids’ depression.

  • 18% of respondents said they were using alcohol more.

  • 22% reported worse access to mental health services.

  • Only 39% of respondents knew about 2-1-1 and 28% knew about local agencies that offer support.

  • 55% of parents knew about the Teen Talk counselors at the high schools and 49% knew about the School-Based Health Centers.

These statistics show why it’s so important for us to have open conversations about mental health. There is no shame in saying you’re anxious or depressed--LITERALLY the majority of us are! By opening up about it, you can get help. So, in time for May--the national observance of both Mental Health Awareness Month and National Prevention Week--read on for a few things everyone should know & resources to support you!

(Scroll through our May bulletin in the images below, or download the bulletin at the bottom of this page.)

  1. Practice self-care! We all need 3 things: people, passion, purpose. So find ways to connect; make time each day for something that brings you joy; and find ways to feel meaningful, whether at work or volunteering.

  2. Know how to recognize when your stress or symptoms are more than you can handle. Norwalk's community partners are offering a variety of online programs as well as a Mental Health Community Fair during May. Download our May bulletin to see opportunities for families & teens.

  3. Know how to reach out to others & help them. May is a great time to get trained to recognize signs that someone's struggling. Everyone should be trained to be alert to signs of suicide and know what you can do to help someone--so take some time to attend a Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) training in English or Spanish. Give an hour and a half and be equipped to possibly save a life. Ages 16 and up. .

  4. Pay attention to the coping skills you & your family are using. It’s easy to use alcohol and drugs, but those create many more problems. The 2nd week of May is National Prevention Week, which is an opportunity for families to discuss those issues together. Our calendar lists options such as a film screening, links to recordings and slideshows, and a downloadable picture book in English and Spanish. Spend some time going through these with your family!

  5. And finally, know where you can go to get help. We’ve put together a Norwalk-specific resource list (2-page handout), as well as a slideshow of emotional supports for teens, both of which are downloadable on our Get Help page and below. We’ll have the resource list in Spanish soon. Since Norwalkers aren't aware of all the resources that are out there, we encourage everyone reading this to share this information on your social media and website!

Remember: You are not alone. It’s a sign of strength to ask for help. We are all in this together, and we all want to be here to support one another!


Download the May bulletin, the Norwalk Resources handout, and the Emotional Supports for Teens slideshow below:

May Norwalk Events & Resources (5)
Download PDF • 10.56MB

Norwalk Resources Flyer May 2021 v2 (1)
Download • 234KB

Free Emotional Support for Norwalk Teens
Download • 5.05MB

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