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Take three minutes to complete our parent survey!

If you had a community coalition at your fingertips, what problems would you solve? Cannabis use? Suicide? Mental illness? Take The Norwalk Partnership's parent survey to influence the direction of our work next year!

Click here to take our survey now!

By taking our parent survey, you can strongly influence The Norwalk Partnership's work. Only a few parents end up responding, so we have time to incorporate each respondent's individual feedback. What challenges would you like our community events to emphasize? What are the best ways to help Norwalk youth? And, what would you like us to consider as we advocate for Norwalk on a state and regional level?

Your response can also make the difference between securing or losing a funding opportunity. Our 2022 survey secured funding for mental health counselors in schools, LGBTQ+ support, and community initiatives like Teen Nights Out. By targeting adults, our parent survey supplements this data by studying a population that is much harder to reach. Such data gives Norwalk an edge in applying for competitive grants (including our $625,000 federal Drug Free Communities grant).

It's a small ask with a big impact. Take three minutes to complete our survey!

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