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Welcome back! Fall meeting schedule

Happy first day of school to our students, families and teachers! Hope everyone's had fun seeing their friends again. Here at The Norwalk Partnership (TNP), we are definitely looking forward to seeing all of you again! We also welcome new members any time! To learn more about us, click here.

Our fall meetings kick off with the Marijuana/Vaping Committee meeting next Wednesday, 9/6 at 3:30pm, and our full Coalition meeting on September 27th (live at City Hall at 3pm-4:30pm). Below you can see meeting schedule for the 2023-24 year. (Scroll down to download it.)

What to know for this year:

  • The coalition meeting will continue to meet on the last Wednesday of each month.

  • However, the meetings will now start at 3pm. We will have 4 in-person meetings (including this month's), which will last 1.5 hours. The other meetings will be on Zoom for 1 hour.

  • The marijuana/vaping committee and the alcohol committee will now meet every other month, always on the 1st Wednesday, from 3:30-5pm. So this month we'll focus on marijuana and next month on alcohol.

  • The Teen Nights Out committee is still meeting every Tuesday from 3-3:30pm on Google Meet.

If you're a regular participant in the coalition or committee meetings, you'll get a calendar appointment with the link. To be added to one of those email lists, just let us know!

Also: If you never renewed your Coalition Involvement Agreement, please do so now! This is an agreement showing that you (as an individual, or as a representative of an agency or group) are partners in The Norwalk Partnership. It specifies which stakeholder group ("sector") you represent and what we ask of you. Please download the Agreement below, fill it out, and return via email to Dayna or Margaret. Thanks!

Download meeting schedule & Coalition Involvement Agreement:

Download PDF • 215KB
Coalition Involvement Agreement June 23
Download PDF • 184KB

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