Downloadable infobriefs & slideshows about Norwalk youth


2021 TNP Youth Survey Findings

Slideshow summarizing the aggregate results of TNP's 2021 Youth Survey, which examined stress, developmental relationships, mental health, and substance use in Norwalk 7th-12th grade students. Slides also highlight highest risk groups and broad recommendations. Portions of this slideshow were presented to the Board of Education on 9/14/21 and the TNP coalition on 9/29/21.

Norwalk Youth Mental Health: Data presentation to Norwalk ACTS SEH Committee

Slideshow presented to school and community clinicians at Norwalk ACTS Social-Emotional Health Convening 10/22/21

Presentation to Common Council (Sept. 2021)

Summary of TNP's findings about mental health and substance use among youth and adults in Norwalk, based on our 2021 community & youth surveys. Includes recommendations for City action. Presented to Health & Public Safety Committee 9/23/21

2021 TNP Community Survey Findings 

Summary of responses from Norwalk adults surveyed via SurveyMonkey. Survey was available in 3 languages from December 2020 through March 2021 and identified COVID stress, depression/anxiety levels, substance use norms, awareness of resources, and parenting concerns. Slideshow here. Presented to TNP coalition April 2021.

The New Marijuana Slideshow (Jan. 2021)

Presented at coalition meeting on January 27, 2021. Additional slides included. Let us know if you want us to present to your group!

Vaping 101 Slideshow (updated 2020)

Slideshow based on presentation at NHS in 2018, revised by The Hub in Fall 2020 and expanded for TNP's March 2021 meeting.

Underage Drinking Infobrief (Nov. 2020)

2-page handout providing facts, statistics & resources on teen alcohol consumption in Norwalk, based on 2018 Youth Survey.

Teen Mental Health Infobrief (Nov. 2020)

2-page handout providing facts, statistics & resources on youth mental health in Norwalk based on 2018 youth survey.

Youth Mental Health Slideshow (Nov. 2020)

Powerpoint on trends in youth mental health before and since COVID, including state and local data. Prepared for The Norwalk Partnership November 2020 coalition meeting with input from local providers.

Community Needs Assessment (2018, updated 2020)

Developed for our Drug-Free Communities grant, our community needs assessment includes updated demographic information on Norwalk and summarizes the substance use issues underlying our current plans. 11/20

Disparities in Norwalk Teen Risky Behaviors (2018 Findings)   

Brief analysis of racial/gender/cultural disparities in risky behaviors among Norwalk teens, based on 2018 youth survey.