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Cannabis panel discussion at TNP annual meeting

Please join us next Wednesday for our 2024 annual meeting! This year we're pleased to feature a panel discussion around underage access to cannabis.

With so many discussions about the proliferation of smoke shops, our recent discussions about THC drinks in grocery stores (which Public Act 24-76 has put an end to, see here), and various recent news items about illicit drug sales, TNP anticipates a good conversation with:

  • Denique Weidema-Lewis and Daniela Montes-Hawley from DMHAS,

  • Steve Kleppin from Norwalk Planning & Zoning,

  • Chief Walsh from Norwalk Police Dept,

  • Ralph Blessing (or alternative) from Stamford Zoning.

We'll also do a quick year in review and have our annual recognition ceremony! Space is limited, so please RSVP now! The event will be Wednesday, June 5th from 3-4:30pm at NPL, 1 Belden Ave, 2nd floor. Bring any resources you'd like to share.

See you Wednesday!

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