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Cannabis News

Fine Fettle, Norwalk's first cannabis store, opened last week, and we're pleased to announce that they are collaborating with The Norwalk Partnership! TNP provided posters to raise awareness of potential risks, particularly for teens, pregnant and parenting adults, and those taking a prescription medication.

Many thanks to Dawn Grenier, the store manager (shown in picture), for hanging TNP's "Cannabis: What You Need to Know" awareness posters and making our "Talking to Your Kids about Cannabis" posters available as well!

We are also pleased to announce that the Fairfield County Medical Association is sharing these materials digitally to doctors' offices throughout the county! (We'd love to hear from you any time you see our materials posted-and please thank your doctors for posting educational information!)

You can download these posters, as well as our Parent Guide to Edibles, below. We'll also have color copies of these available at tomorrow's TNP coalition meeting (3-4:30pm at Norwalk Public Library). Please share & post!

Cannabis what you need to know (fin) (letter)
Download PDF • 823KB
Talking about Cannabis with Kids at Any Age Eng+Sp
Download PDF • 3.68MB
parent guide to edibles 2024
Download PDF • 6.19MB

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