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Lock Your Liquor Campaign is Back!

Have you been noticing TNP's new "Lock Your Liquor" signs when you visit your local package store? With the help of almost all Norwalk's liquor retailers, we have been able to bring back Liquor Stickers for the summer holidays!

What are Liquor Stickers for?

Liquor stickers are used both to raise awareness and to keep alcohol out of your kids' hands! These stickers can be used to seal up your liquor bottles if you do not have a locked cabinet to keep your unfinished bottles in.

Next time you are putting away an open bottle of wine, vodka, etc., just press a liquor sticker tightly around the cork or bottle cap and the neck of your bottle. Any child or teen who tries to drink will have to break the seal.

Why does this matter?

Our focus groups show that kids who use alcohol often get it at their own home or a friend's home--maybe out of curiosity, maybe at a party. And the earlier a teen starts using alcohol or any other substance, the more likely they are to develop substance use problems, because their brain is still developing.

What else should parents know?

Connecticut has a Social Host Law that says that adults are responsible when kids use alcohol or marijuana. If kids drink at your house or apartment--even if you were unaware of it--you can be fined up to $2000 and a year in prison. Want to learn more? Visit our alcohol awareness page here.

What info comes with the liquor stickers?

Participating liquor stores are displaying our bilingual window clings on the door on your way in. Inside the store, you should see our brochure holder and liquor stickers near the cash register.

Please pick up one of our bilingual informational cards as well as some stickers! The cards have information and QR codes that will lead you straight to the Alcohol Page on our website! Check out our FAQ on Teen Drinking in Norwalk, our FAQ on Responsible Drinking, link to an impaired driving contract, see graphics about blood alcohol content and how much alcohol is in a drink, and more.

Current Participating Liquor Stores:

  • Al's Warehouse - 570 Main Ave

  • Al's Warehouse - 617 CT Ave

  • Black Bear Wines & Spirits of Norwalk

  • Broad River Wines-Spirits-Beer-Cerveza-Liquor

  • Budget Liquor Shop

  • Cocchia Liquor Store

  • Cranbury Wines & Liquors

  • Discount Wines & Liquors

  • Grapes Wine

  • Harbor View Wines & Spirits

  • Lala Liquor Store

  • Liquor Center

  • Main Ave Liquor

  • M&M Wine Spirits & Cigars

  • Norwalk Wine & Spirits

  • Old Post Spirit Shop

  • Wall Street Liquor

  • Warehouse Wine & Spirits

  • The Wine Basket

  • World of Beverage

  • 360 Wine & Spirits

Please make sure to thank your local liquor store for participating in our campaign to raise parents' awareness and to keep our youth substance free! And as always, spread the word!

Download the Bilingual Rack Cards Here!

Liquor Sticker Rack Cards
Download PDF • 758KB

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