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What does Norwalk think about Marijuana Sales?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Cannabis (marijuana) sales in Norwalk are moving forward. The public will have TWO OPPORTUNITIES next week to learn more. On Monday, there will be a Virtual Town Hall about CT's state law and Norwalk's proposed ordinance, and on Tuesday there will be a public hearing to comment on the proposed ordinance. Please scroll down for the text of the ordinance, Frequently Asked Questions (English and Spanish), and links to join the meetings or submit questions ahead of time. To learn more about today's marijuana, Norwalk youth data, the state law and prevention considerations, please visit our marijuana page here.

Background information for Norwalk hearings:

  • In 2021, Connecticut legalized cannabis and the State Legislature is allowing cities and towns to choose whether or not they will permit retail sales and the cultivation of cannabis.

  • If a municipality wants to limit where cannabis can be used in public, it must designate a location. If the City proceeds with no action and does not select (a) designated location(s) where cannabis use is permitted, it will be legal to use it anywhere in the City.

  • Since this is a big decision, the Common Council enacted a nine-month moratorium on cannabis sales and growth to give the City time to research the best approach using a thorough and thoughtful process. The moratorium expires in December 2022, after which the City is tasked with deciding if and where we will permit the sale, cultivation, and use of cannabis.


Virtual Town Hall Meeting on Monday, 9/19/22 at 5:30pm

The Cannabis Ordinance Virtual Town Hall Meeting is an opportunity for the Norwalk community to learn more about the state cannabis law from state and local speakers.

  • Want to ask a question beforehand? Submit questions ahead of the Virtual Town Hall Here

  • Attend the Zoom Here

  • Download the full proposed Ordinance, a Frequently Asked Questions document, and the Spanish Frequently Asked Questions document below:

Cannabis Ordinance - to be used at 9-20-22 Common Council Meeting
Download PDF • 221KB
Norwalk Cannabis Ordinance FAQ _2
Download PDF • 65KB
Espanol Norwalk Cannabis Ordinance FAQ
Download PDF • 154KB

Public Hearing on Tuesday, 9/20/22 at 7pm

After learning the history and hearing from experts on Monday, the public is invited to share their thoughts and suggestions related to the specifics of Norwalk's proposed ordinance at the public hearing . Do not miss the chance to share your opinion and institute real change!

  • Join the public hearing virtually here

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